How you show up online matters. As part of broader communication planning, I work with organizations to ensure their online presence aligns with their mission and invites people to join their community. 

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU took the idea of an escape room and brought it into the classroom where students work together to solve a series of puzzles to open the final box and "break out" under the time limit. There are hundreds of standards-aligned games that take students of all ages online and offline crossing a range of subject matter and grade levels.

I helped grow the community of educators who use Breakout EDU from 4,000 to 8,000 members on Facebook by creating a starter kit and highlighting blogposts of teachers using the kits to transform learning in their classrooms.

Community Bridges (Puentes de la Comunidad)

Community Bridges wanted to double its followers on social media in order to deepen awareness of its brand as the leading human services agency in Santa Cruz County. In combination with a broader marketing strategy, I conducted training sessions with their staff to share best practices, better utilize planning and measurement tools, and grow their online community.



Blue Shield of California Foundation

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I partnered with Blue Shield of California Foundation to launch a Facebook and Twitter campaign called, "#End the Silence". Our objective with the campaign was to prompt Californians (survivors, grantees, allies, agencies, politicians) to speak out online against domestic violence. By doing so, we hoped to accomplish 3 goals:

1) Reach 1M people with our message, including VIPs in the political sector. Result = We reached 1.3M people as well as domestic violence prevention advocate Esta Soler, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Stockton Councilmember, Michael Tubbs.

2)  Have 3,000 people take action against DV by using our photo overlay function on to share their picture and voice with their own networks. Result = 4,645 people used the website to share their photo, giving our campaign a HUGE organic boost.

3) Grow Blue Shield of CA Foundation's engagement on social media to spotlight the work of their grantees. Result = Between Facebook and Twitter, channels received over 18,000 likes, comments, shares, and re-tweets.

Cabrillo College

I launched an iOS and Android mobile app for the college that can help current and prospective students get information and find their way around campus. Main features include:

Campus Tour - Wayfinding functionality to points of interest on campus with hours, contact info and turn by turn routing.
Events - Get important semester dates, deadlines, and things happening on campus.
Enrollment - See the complete 7 Steps to Enrollment with helpful links, the current Academic Calendar, concurrent high school enrollment info, and frequently asked questions.
Student Resources - Listings of programs and support systems students might need (Financial Aid, Foster Youth Independence, Honors Transfer, ILC, The HUB, Transfer, etc.)